After Launching Acting Career, Rihanna Already in Search of Oscar

After Launching Acting Career, Rihanna Already in Search of Oscar

Rihanna is a big name in music, and there aren’t many people who have not heard of her. She was born in Saint Michael though she was raised in Bridgetown. Rihanna or Robyn Rihanna Fenty was given her big break by Jay Z and his Def Jams Recordings. She is a respected pop star, but it seems she wants a little more. There is no doubt that being a pop star gives a person a lot of star power, but she also wants to be known as an actor. Rihanna has been slowly moving toward films for a few years.

Film is not an easy medium to break into. She has her name to ride on, which is more than what other aspiring actors have, but her name is also hurting her. People have a hard time believing that a pop star can act. This curse has afflicted many stars before Rihanna. Dwayne Johnson or The Rock had a hard time breaking into movies because he was mostly known as a wrestler. Beyonce attempted to break into film with movies like “Obsessed” but was rejected by movie audiences. What Rihanna is attempting to do will not be easy, but it is not stopping her from trying.

Her first role was back in 2006 when she appeared in “Bring it On: All or Nothing”, which was a sequel to the successful original. She played herself, but it was enough for her to know she wanted to pursue more roles. She would not be afforded another opportunity until 2012 when she was given a supporting role in “Battleship”. The film was based on the board game with the same name. This film paved the way for other roles.

In 2013, Rihanna took a part in a film called “This is the End”, which was more of a comedy. Her part was small, but the role gave her an opportunity to poke fun of herself, which usually helps audiences feel better about a pop star being in films. Rihanna has also taken parts in other movies like “Annie”, but her biggest starring role was in a film called “Home”. This film came out in 2015. It is animated film, but she was the lead.

Rihanna’s roles have been getting bigger since then. For one, she appeared in “Valerian and the City of a Thousands Planets” where she played a pop star. This played to her strengths, and the film was a major release. The pop star has also just been cast to star in the Ocean’s 11 all-female film due to be released in 2018. There is no doubt that the singer wants to be taken seriously on screen and is not ready to take no for an answer. She revealed her aspirations for winning an Oscar one day, even though she knows it is going to be a hard road, but it seems like she is willing to do the work.

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