6 Casting Call Tips To Help You Land the Role

6 Casting Call Tips To Help You Land the Role

One of the more difficult parts of acting is going through the audition process. During the audition process, it is important that you leave a memorable impression during your casting call. Here are some tips to help you impress the casting director and have that breakthrough acting audition. 

1. Be Aware of What The Director Wants

Casting directors are looking to find the best actor out of a group that all have similar skills. Director want someone who is easy to work with, follows directions, and can adapt their acting ability to suit what the director is looking for. Being confident and flexible can help you stand out during your audition.

2. Focus On The Main Task

While a director may have a good idea of the actor that they want for the role, once they begin auditions, the director may change their thought process once the auditions begin. Stay focused and find a way to own the role that is being asked of you.

3. Do Not Get Nervous

Casting directors are normally friendly, so that should allow you to relax. Do not get nervous, simply relax and be yourself. Do not be rude, hostile, or sarcastic. Remember that the casting director is probably not going to choose you for the role if they don’t like you as a person. Treat everyone at the audition with respect. The inner circle of the industry can be small at times, which means that you may have to work with this director on multiple projects throughout your career. If you have a naturally friendly and charismatic personality, the likelier it is that the director will want to work with you.

4. Watch Your Tone

The director will ask you to say your name clearly along with the name of the agency that represents you. Make sure that you are speaking in character according to the role that you are auditioning for. Speak confidently and clearly.

5. Focus On The Script

While you are reading lines from the script, do not look at the casting director. The casting director cannot give you a fair evaluation if they are forced to react to your acting expressions.

6. Be Prepared For Anything

Always expect the unexpected during an acting graduation. You should be prepared to deal with these situations at any time. To help prepare for an unexpected situation, consider taking an improvisation class. This will help you deal with different situations while staying in character.

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